Egyptian Wall Decor


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egyptian wall decor

egyptian wall decor – Wheatpaste Art

Wheatpaste Art Collective Egyptian Owl Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Rachel Caldwell, 24-Inch by 30-Inch
Wheatpaste Art Collective Egyptian Owl Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Rachel Caldwell, 24-Inch by 30-Inch
Pen-and-ink illustration of an Egyptian owl. Canvas wall art is reproduced in our San Diego studios using the best digital reproduction method currently available, resulting in great clarity and color saturation. After printing the canvas is stretched by hand over a custom built wood frame. No additional framing is required as the canvas wraps around the sides providing a finished decorative side. A saw tooth hanger is attached for easy hanging and artist biography information is included on the back to learn more about today’s working artists. Canvases are exceptionally durable and can be cleaned with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth.


Angel Icarus Male Sculpture Relief Wall Frieze Statue
Inspired by Greek Mythology Daedalus, to escape from the island of Crete, made wings for himself and his son Icarus by binding feathers with thread and wax. Icarus, ignoring his father’s warnings, flew too close to the sun, the wax melted and the boy crashed to the sea. Daedalus laid his son to rest on an island that is called Icaria after his buried child.

SIZE 11" x 1" x 9" Tall – HAND MADE IN THE USA

SHOWN in WHITE MARBLE – Other finishes available to match your style or existing Decor.

Sculpture Garden Statue, Sculpture Greek Statue, Sculpture Bronze Statue, Sculpture Angel Statue, Sculpture Religious Statue, Sculpture Horse Statue, Sculpture Eagle Statue, Sculpture Egyptian Statue, Sculpture Catholic Statue, Sculpture Lion Statue, Sculpture Nude Statue, Sculpture Athena Statue, Sculpture Roman Statue, Sculpture Statue of Liberty, Statue Wall Sculpture, Statue Clay Sculpture, Statue Sand Sculpture, Statue Stone Sculpture, Statue Art Sculpture, Statue Modern Sculpture, Statue Body Sculpture. art is hand made and finished Home D├ęcor and Garden Decor of Statues, Sculptures, Busts, Pedestals and Wall Art. Each piece is hand made and finished in America, proudly made in the USA. Our art is finished just for you to match your taste and existing decor, from Heavy Warm Bronze finish to Elegant rich Marble finish. We offer many styles of Greek Statue & Roman Statue, Classical Sculpture & Historical Sculpture to Animals Statue and Religious Statue pieces. We are sure we have something for you.

Union Station wall decor

Union Station wall decor
Egyptian-inspired art-deco? A small sample of Union Station’s beautiful decoration.

egyptian wall decor